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In my last post, I mentioned I was going to do a "trial & error" run on a recent concept of providing weekly BI tidbits (news items) for people on the go.  Having had some time to reflect on this endeavor a little further over the weekend, and after consulting with some key people, I've decided to try another tack.  Fact is, I prefer keeping my main blog for "deeper" less frequent posts. So instead, I've decided to create another way to dessiminate this information. Additionally, I'm giving up on the idea of posting items on a weekly basis. Why cover weekly periods when in fact, BI news is occurring pretty much 24/7 in real time nowadays including weekends. To deliver better, I have created a new blog called "BI News in a New York Minute" where I simply post tidbits in real time.  When I get them, you get them.  People can subscribe to this stream via the blog (obvio... (more)

Of Birthrights and DNA in the BI Cloud World

I have been so busy getting ramped up on GoodData that I haven't had a minute to post here in over a week.  On Friday, I am headed out to our R&D Center in Prague, Czech Republic - looks horrible doesn't it? :) - for a week to do a brain-meld with our engineering team and deep-dive the GoodData architecture. I've learned a lot about it in the past two weeks but clearly, there's nothing like sitting down with the hard-core developers and discovering how the sausage has really been made for the past two years. One of the unique things about this platform is the fact it was designed ... (more)

SaaS & Business Intelligence at Dreamforce

SalesForce.com Journal on Ulitzer I was lucky enough to be at Dreamforce 2009 last week and wanted to pen down a few thoughts while the event is still fresh in my mind. I don’t think there was any earth-shattering news there, and I got the feeling (both onsite and online) that a lot of people didn’t really grasp the value of Benioff’s announcement (or strategy) about “socializing” the platform with Chatter.  I, for one, certainly couldn’t make sense of Colin Powell’s presence at one of the keynotes (not sure what he can possibly offer the world of SaaS but maybe I missed somethin... (more)

Contrary Opinion: CRM is a Hoax

I have a pet peeve concerning two things I’ve been meaning to write about lately, namely CRM and multi-tenancy. I recently read an excellent article referencing both concepts and thought itmight be a good stepping stone to a quick blog post. In his article Don’t Get Conned – The many disguises worn by software-as-a-service, Matt Wallach discusses CRM software and the concept of SaaS multi-tenancy. Matt’s business is life sciences, and he discusses the state of CRM software for his industry. His argument is along the lines of “be wary of on-premise wolves in SaaS sheep clothing”.... (more)

The Wailing Wall of Open Source BI

Henry David Thoreau once wrote: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation". Much the same can be said of the multitude of users struggling with open source reporting and analysis tools like Mondrian or Jaspersoft. The difference, of course, if that those folks happen to be pretty vocal. And nowhere more so than on those vendors' own "support" forums. I double-quote the term purposely. Because what you witness on these forums falls far (very far) short of what I consider to be minimally acceptable customer support levels. Now, it's a fact that many people find solace in the... (more)