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Here’s a classic from the tech press that really caught my attention recently:  “In the context of software, the word “Enterprise” has now officially come to mean software that sucks. Enterprise Software hit the nadir of suckitude (sic) at the launch of “Enjoy SAP”.  This is like the American Dental Association launching “Enjoy Root Canal”.  SAP is certainly an easy target, but let’s face it, “Enterprise Software” is generally a poorly integrated mess.  Working with Enterprise Software feels a bit like walking through an industrial landfill or an airport hangar.  Nothing is built to human scale.” This was written on the SOA Center blog by no other than Software AG’s Chief Strategist Miko Matsumura.  His use of the techo-political term “suckitude” is one for the annals of our new post-TARP technology world.  If nothing else, the current situation seems to be facili... (more)

Running RDM/x on Amazon EC2 is DICEE!

I want to keep this post fairly brief because there is so much stuff going on at XSPRADA lately that I find myself pressed for time from 6AM to midnight on a typical day which usually also includes weekends, but that’s the price you pay for building a revolution. Ask Fidel, he knows. First of all, I finally had time last Sunday to record a screencast explaining how to install and setup our RDM/x software. In the process, I discovered that Camstudio and Microsoft Windows x64 decoder were my friends, reducing a 1.2GB video to 35Megs (phew!). Second, I want to talk about my recent e... (more)

In-House or SaaS? How About Both?

Chuck Hollis just penned another interested blog post about the economics behind private clouds for the enterprise. There is a lot of talk about on-premise versus on-demand SaaS these days in the BI community (and when I say SaaS I mean either private or public). From a financial standpoint, the two models are fairly well established. Basically, on-premise is budgeted as capital expenditure, while on-demand is budgeted as operational expenditure. Much like the difference between buying your TV and paying for your electric bill on a monthly basis, or the difference between buy... (more)

Data Warehousing for Dummies

Every so often I’ll be talking to someone implementing our solution at a customer or POC site and the question comes up “what’s so special about your database anyway?” and “So, is it really different from MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle?” or “I don’t understand why your database talks SQL since it’s not a normal database like Oracle”. Better yet: “What else do I need to do after installation to get this working?” Usually these questions come from non-LOB folks who are tasked with implementing a particular solution using our product. Typically these people tend to be experienced sof... (more)

Choose Wisely Grasshopper

If you’re been tasked with implementing or supplementing business intelligence offerings in your organization lately (read: a data mart, for example), the choices have gotten quite a bit more complicated. A while ago, you would have your pick of three or four vendors. If one of those vendors was already in-house handling your transactional systems, guess what, he was likely to also handle your warehousing needs. Or at least try to. Nowadays, the decision path is a little more involved because the BI world is no longer ruled by a small oligarchy (namely Oracle, Microsoft and IBM).... (more)