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Henry David Thoreau once wrote: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation". Much the same can be said of the multitude of users struggling with open source reporting and analysis tools like Mondrian or Jaspersoft. The difference, of course, if that those folks happen to be pretty vocal. And nowhere more so than on those vendors' own "support" forums. I double-quote the term purposely. Because what you witness on these forums falls far (very far) short of what I consider to be minimally acceptable customer support levels. Now, it's a fact that many people find solace in these communities - after all, given the massive amounts of questions posed there, some are bound to get answered quickly and (hopefully) correctly. And it's a fact that many people achieve success (or some level of it) with open source BI solutions. At what cost, we can only surmise, but clearly... (more)

Running RDM/x on Amazon EC2 is DICEE!

I want to keep this post fairly brief because there is so much stuff going on at XSPRADA lately that I find myself pressed for time from 6AM to midnight on a typical day which usually also includes weekends, but that’s the price you pay for building a revolution. Ask Fidel, he knows. First of all, I finally had time last Sunday to record a screencast explaining how to install and setup our RDM/x software. In the process, I discovered that Camstudio and Microsoft Windows x64 decoder were my friends, reducing a 1.2GB video to 35Megs (phew!). Second, I want to talk about my recent e... (more)

Your Weekly BI News in a “New York Minute”

I’m a glutton for BI information to the point of addiction. Aday rarely goes by without my “scanning” three hundred or so feeds, blogs, twits,websites and other news and information sources pertaining to businessintelligence.  I did the same thing whenI was on the software development side, mind you, but using significantly less onlinesources and way more books. I find BI to be so dynamic an industry that by thetime most books are published, the information is already obsolete.  And that’s just on the technical side.  On the business front, things change andevolve even faster. ... (more)

SaaS & Business Intelligence at Dreamforce

SalesForce.com Journal on Ulitzer I was lucky enough to be at Dreamforce 2009 last week and wanted to pen down a few thoughts while the event is still fresh in my mind. I don’t think there was any earth-shattering news there, and I got the feeling (both onsite and online) that a lot of people didn’t really grasp the value of Benioff’s announcement (or strategy) about “socializing” the platform with Chatter.  I, for one, certainly couldn’t make sense of Colin Powell’s presence at one of the keynotes (not sure what he can possibly offer the world of SaaS but maybe I missed somethin... (more)

Social Media Marketing 101

I was recently asked to opine on what makes a social media manager and his (or her) strategy successful in today's market. Having dabbled in the field for a little while now (perhaps what can be considered a long time in this emerging medium) it forced me to stop and reflect on my own trials and tribulations in the realm of social media marketing (SMM). The first thing I pondered is how to even define "success" in social media and community management. It's not something that can be pinned down easily like an engineering project where criteria are clearly defined. Namely, does t... (more)