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I've been so jammed up lately I never got a chance to update this blog. As you might have heard (if you were kind enough to check back here for new content) I have left the IT/database industry for the horology one, have started a new job about a month
Chuck Hollis just penned another interested blog post about the economics behind private clouds for the enterprise. There is a lot of talk about on-premise versus on-demand SaaS these days in the BI community (and when I say SaaS I mean either private or public). From a financial stand...
I was recently asked to opine on what makes a social media manager and his (or her) strategy successful in today's market. Having dabbled in the field for a little while now (perhaps what can be considered a long time in this emerging medium) it forced me to stop and reflect on my own ...
Here’s a classic from the tech press that really caught my attention recently: “In the context of software, the word “Enterprise” has now officially come to mean software that sucks. Enterprise Software hit the nadir of suckitude (sic) at the launch of “Enjoy SAP”. This is like the Am...
I have a pet peeve concerning two things I’ve been meaning to write about lately, namely CRM and multi-tenancy. I recently read an excellent article referencing both concepts and thought it might be a good stepping stone to a quick blog post. In his article Don’t Get Conned – The ma...
I was lucky enough to be at Dreamforce 2009 last week and wanted to pen down a few thoughts while the event is still fresh in my mind. I don’t think there was any earth-shattering news there, and I got the feeling (both onsite and online) that a lot of people didn’t really grasp the va...
I have been so busy getting ramped up on GoodData that I haven’t had a minute to post here in over a week.  On Friday, I am headed out to
I want to keep this post fairly brief because there is so much stuff going on at XSPRADA lately that I find myself pressed for time from 6AM to midnight on a typical day which usually also includes weekends, but that’s the price you pay for building a revolution. Ask Fidel, he knows. ...
I wanted to spend a little time sharing some good news with you. I am going to be Technical Evangelist for a relatively new company called GoodData. As evangelism means "bringing the Good News" to the world, this is truly a match made in Heaven for yours truly, as I will now be bringi...
In my last post, I mentioned I was going to do a "trial & error" run on a recent concept of providing weekly BI tidbits (news items) for people on the go. Having had some time to reflect on this endeavor a little further over the weekend, and after consulting with some key people, I'v...
I’m a glutton for BI information to the point of addiction. Aday rarely goes by without my “scanning” three hundred or so feeds, blogs, twits,websites and other news and information sources pertaining to businessintelligence.  I did the same thing
MapReduce (implementations include Hadoop and CloudDB) has gained popularity in the industry. It also serves as marketing fodder for several new-breed ADBMS vendors who now claim to support it in various
If you’re thinking about building a new startup in the high-performance analytical database (ADBMS) market, hat’s off to you: kudos and respect my brother. I’ve been in the kitchen, and I’ve
Effective today, I will no longer be working at XSPRADA. There, I said it. Catharsis, take me away! It was definitely
Two completely different events caught my attention lately. One of them is a post by Curt Monash called Bottleneck Whack-A-Mole
Contrary to popular edict, smaller is not always better, unless of course you’re talking about analytical database engines. In that respect, it’s hard to find an ADBMS that can fit on hard
I thought I would do a “freeform post” today to celebrate the lazy 2009 Summer and the fact that most of the planet (but not the BI world for some reason) seems to be on vacation at the moment. As you know I
I’ve been playing with Pentaho’s Mondrian for almost a year now on and off. I have to say, everytime I mess with that stack I am more and more impressed
I’ve been claiming for a while that data mining and predictive analytics (PA) were the new hills to conquer in BI and this morning the news came out that IBM had plopped down big money for SPSS
Usually I think of myself as a “hot-shot” when it comes to XSPRADA technology and its applications. This is because I’ve been involved with it for ten years, and that kind of history builds
I had the opportunity to brief Merv Adrian (major BI industry analyst) recently about XSPRADA and in discussing competitive
In keeping with a past commitments to do so, I plan on staying purely technical in this posting. The first topic I want to bring up relates to database views. The second one deals with OLAP
I was just about to write a piece about the sad state of venture funding in the analytical database and BI space over the past years when BAM! Out of nowhere comes the
I have not written specifically about my SE job before here at XSPRADA because I try to keep this blog fairly technical, or at least directly related to database and BI issues, but I want to make an exception
I recently read (sorry it's in French ) that SAP and Jive had partnered up to offer BI in an
I grew up in New York City and spent enough time in Jersey back East to have witnessed a couple interesting brawls in my life (I even had neighbors who dug holes for a
In my previous post below I received a comment (question) from Swany about inserts in the XSPRADA database engine RDM/x. Specifically, he (or she) asked:
In this post, I want to stay in gear-head mode and "demo" a couple of neat tricks from the XSPRADA RDM/x analytical engine puppy. I’m going to address quick
If you’re been tasked with implementing or supplementing business intelligence offerings in your organization lately (read: a data mart, for example), the choices have gotten quite a bit more complicated.
I’m headed out to Austin again tomorrow. Last I checked it was 94F over there with 60% humidity.
Every so often I’ll be talking to someone implementing our solution at a customer or POC site and the question comes up “what’s so special about your database anyway?” and “So, is it really different
I read this article a couple of weeks ago and thought about one of our field test partners (telecom) because they had some political issues shipping us some data due to (very legitimate) privacy